Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg

I don't borrow or review too many board books these days because my kids are getting older. My youngest is 5 1/2 and my oldest just turned 7. If I come across a beautifully illustrated board book that is out-facing on a library bookshelf that piques my interest, I might pick it up, but more than likely, I'll place it back where it was because my kids don't want to read board books anymore. 

I saw Beautiful Oops! on the shelf, and I quickly dumped it in my bag, hoping I wasn't dashing a two-year-old's dreams by snatching it away before the colors grabbed their attention. This book is so fetching, that the librarian who was standing nearby the self-checkout we use, that she couldn't help but comment on how fun this book was, and how she had to stop what she was doing earlier in the week to go through it herself before returning to work. 

That is the mark of a wonderful book!

Saltzberg has created a little board book big on texture and surprise. Inside almost every two-page spread, he uses texture or a technique (ex. mixed media typography) to teach children that spots, stains, or 'oops!'(es) can start as messes, and end up as art. Each page has a clever surprise within it including rips, folds, holes, flaps, and crumpled paper. My daughter, who still loves her "That's Not My..." Usborne touchy-feely series baby books, loves this book. She is constantly going through Beautiful Oops! Here's a board book for all ages. View the entire book with vocals on youtube HERE

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  1. The cover of the book itself is eye catching.