Thursday, July 24, 2014

Zany Zoo by William Wise

Zany Zoo is a clever and poetic romp of a picture book through the animal kingdom, illustrated by Tacky's friend, Lynn Munsinger. Her illustrations are a perfect mix of bright color, busyness, and humor, and they are the extra credit to William Wise's A+ poetry.

Interspersed with adult humor for the reader, the child will think these poems are engaging, rhythmic, and hilarious. The characters all have different quirks, and along with common animals like raccoons, horses, and skunks are the rare or endangered ones like tapirs, terns, and yaks. 

Often the poems will have a pun about the animal's name or personality, as you can see in the above poem, Daisy. I recommend reading this book while the kids munch on breakfast, or enjoy their after-school snack, because the laughter and movement of these poems will excite your children, not lull them to sleep. 

After checking out this book from the library because I first noticed Munsinger's illustrations with her distinct drawing style, I would definitely look for more of Wise's picture books. My kids were laughing and enjoying the little animal blurbs and rhymes, and I was thoroughly enjoying the puns and above-the-head humor. 

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