Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

My favorite thing about homeschooling is the read-alouds, and I'd been wanting to share the world of Pippi with my kids for awhile. I was priming them on other chapter books because I really wanted them to enjoy this one. I had never read the book as a child but I grew up on this TV show (which I found that amazon prime members can watch free!) and now own it in my DVD collection. I bought it before kids were even a thought, because I loved Pippi, Alfonso, and Mr. Nillson so much as a child. 

The chapter book did not disappoint, and we laughed at all the hilarious things she'd say to just about anyone she came across. She's part Ramona Quimby, part Amelia Bedelia, a little bit of Peter Panish mischief, and full of spunk up to her impending braids! The movie does take a few turns that were not in the book (don't they all?), but Pippi's world at Ville Villekula is not hard to imagine by reading words with very few pictures. She lives without adults, and with just a monkey and horse and a couple neighbor kids to keep her busy, and she finds lots of fun. 

This book was published in 1945, though I believe my above copy is from the 70s. I've been lucky to find all three of the full length chapter books at garage sales and thrift stores, spending maybe $1 for each title. Since I'm a regular thrifter and always book scavenge, I'm guessing you might haven't seen these before--I've only ever seen my own copies! Check your local library for a copy if you don't want to purchase it. I'm going to scout out the picture books Lindgren wrote after the original three!

If Ramona, Amelia, Peter Pan, and Pippi were the four you'd have to choose between, who would you choose? My answer is easy! Pippalotta!

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