Thursday, March 12, 2015

No Such Things by Bill Peet

 I picked up Bill Peet's goofy rhyming story book, No Such Things, on a lark at the library because it looked like there were horses on the front cover. My daughter loves horses and a new horse book is always a welcome addition to the weekly book bag. What I found, instead, delighted me. I've found a new author/illustrator that I love, and that I can't wait to explore more of.

Peet's hilarious book is a large poem broken up into two-page spreads. On each spread there is a new animal that is wacky and hilarious, and a small story about each nonsensical creation. All of them are clever and unique, which makes this book such a fun and easy read-aloud. My kids love books like this: ones that have a really great cadence, descriptive pictures, and plenty of nonsense. That seems to be a formula for great children's books, at least with my two monkeys.

There are so many Bill Peet books to read, some are offshoots of this book No Such Things, like, Buford the Little Bighorn. Now that I've searched his Amazon author page to see all his books, I recognize two books (not quite as nonsensical) that I've already read to the kids: The Gnats of Knotty Pine, and Merle the High-Flying Squirrel. I'm definitely going to be putting a couple of his on hold from our local library until we've read all they can offer. Try them out and tell me you don't have the kids bobbing up and down in merriment and good, fun rhythm!

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