Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Same, Same but Different by Sue Kostecki-Shaw

Same, Same but Different, by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

"Same, Same, but Different," by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw tells the story about pen pals, one from a big city in the USA and the other from India. They describe their families, pets, homes, etc. to each other through their letters and drawings to each other. An example of their correspondence is when the boy from the United States writes about busy streets where he lives, with drawings of traffic-crowded streets. The boy from India responds by noting that they don't have many cars, but he still has busy streets and his drawings show streets full of carts, cars, elephants and pedestrians. Same, same but different.

I read this book with my daughter as we started writing to our new pen pals. We have friends and cousins in opposite ends of the country, and this book was an excellent example of how people across the globe, or even our country live lives that are 'same, same, but different.'

This is an excellent book to introduce diversity, geography and starting a pen pal with someone new.

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