Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Tooth Mouse by Susan Hood

The Tooth Mouse by Susan Hood was one of my favorite picture-book finds recently. I loved the watercolors by Janice Nadeau and the muted color palette of the book was so quaint, like a Parisian macaroon shop. I noticed that first, and second, found out once reading, that the story actually takes place in Paris! Well, they nailed that aesthetic.

This story is a very different take on the tooth fairy, and quite frankly, one I liked better than our American fairy tale. This story is about an aging 'tooth mouse', and a little mousling who is very determined to fill the important shoes as next in line for the job. She, with a few others, have to fulfill challenges that the Tooth Mouse provides, testing her skills in ingenuity, character, and wit.

I'll let you find out what happens to the main character, la petite souris, Sophie. Pick up this gorgeous and interesting book and you will enjoy it as much as your kids will, learning a few lessons about how children see 'the tooth fairy' around the world. Be prepared for the tooth scene above, which took me aback (I'm sorry, I have a thing with teeth, and that watercolor is well-done, but abrupt), and laugh along with Sophie and the other mice as they finish their challenges to see who will become the next Tooth Mouse!

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