Thursday, June 25, 2015

Home by Carson Ellis

The book Home by Carson Ellis, is a beautifully illustrated picture book on realistic and imaginative types of homes for everyone and everything, all over the world. I saw the cover and my first thought was, "I want that as a print on my wall", though as far as I know, it is not currently being sold in that form. Study that front cover for awhile, and you're guaranteed to smile at the least, or like me, want it for your own space. I thought I recognized the style and when I went to her website I realized that she was also the illustrator for the covers of the infamous young adult novels The Mysterious Benedict Society, and also Wildwood.  Home is her first authored book. 

This is a view of a home above ground, and below. "Some are palaces. Or underground lairs." Some of the more imaginative illustrations and descriptions of homes were the Japanese businessman, the Moonian, the family in the shoe, and others. Ellis uses very muted undertones on her palette, giving this book an earthy feel and a great way to represent many types of homes throughout history and present day dwellings. 

I am being a little tricky with this book in showing you some of the beautiful illustrations, but there are so many creative spreads in this picture book, and I want you to explore them with your own family yourself. I can't give away all the goodies here!
"Clean houses. Messy houses. Tall houses. Short houses." We really are all different, and our homes are some of the best representations for what we value and enjoy. Home is a gem and I hope it expands your imagination about what home is, and what it can be.

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